So, as a soon-to-be student, and as someone who feels they have a fair bit of common sense I figured I would just see what I need when looking around the shops – you see a cheese grater and it’s like BING! The light bulb above your head turns on. Of course, a cheese grater, bung that in the basket. Etc.

My mum seems to think otherwise. Inspired by other obvious up & coming students who seem to be swarming IKEA (I guess it is that time of the year) – we seem to be the only ones without a list. We, of course, must be the ones in the wrong – so mum wants a list.

I went along with it and didn’t think it was a big deal. That is, until I actually went looking for a list. First step – google: what to bring to university? Search. First result: www.thestudentroom.com . If you’re a fellow student reading, you probably know what this is, for anyone not in the know,  it’s a fairly-well known website and forum for students. Its main purpose is to provide an online forum where people can post questions & answers to anything student related from the best uni’s for nights out and of course, what to bring to uni.

Now, this actual list that I found wasn’t posted as an answer by a student user/someone random. The list compiled on their website was posted by the website users/writers themselves – so essentially promoted by the website itself.

I appreciate that this list was obviously intended for a wide audience and to cover every student ‘need’ as it were…but some things genuinely are ridiculous.

After copying & pasting it into a word document to print it took up a total of 16 PAGES. Excessive? I think so. And to top that, some of the items included in the list actually made me speechless.

Car shampoo. Surely this has to be a joke? Or perhaps you might need a door mat for the carpeted corridor outside your room. Or some shoe polish, yeah, that will help you fit in.

The general feel of the list made me feel as though it was not written by a student. Or at least, if it was written by a student, it was someone who doesn’t live the typical student life. And by that I mean a life where baked beans are an essential, and Tesco value is your best friend.

If you’ve got enough money to be splashing out on car shampoo or shoe polish, or more to the point, enough space to fit all 16 pages of the items they suggest to bring, then you probably shouldn’t refer to yourself as a student!


2 thoughts on “What to bring to Uni?

    • I know! There’s an awful one that says to make a poster with your name and course on it to stick on your door to avoid awkwardness! Personally can’t think of anything more awkward than having a massive poster which already answers the two questions that people would want to use as conversation starters! But have to admit, all criticism aside, it really doesn’t miss ANYTHING out!

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