I am a Christmas obsessed. Christmas-aholic. 100% Christmas devotee. That’s me. The decorations, the presents, the guilt-free time spent watching cheesy films on the sofa etc – you get the picture.

But thinking about it in a more literal sense, (and don’t get me wrong this was no epiphany which has changed my outlook forever, I will always be a die hard Christmas lover) technically Christmas is not a student friendly time. Why?


1. Presents – Okay yes you receive them, but you also have to buy them. What does that mean? Dollllar!!! That’s right, spending cash that actually you don’t have because you have been scraping by as it is on a loan or the small allowance provided by mum and dad.

2. Spending money unnecessarily – the flat/house/floor Christmas meal. Ooh let’s go for a nice meal as a group – you have a good time; your bank balance does not. And it doesn’t end there: secret santa, those last ‘big’ nights out before the end of term, followed by ‘big’ reunion nights out once you return home and so on and so forth. You will be broke.

3. Uni work – you have had 2 months or more of uni work, and then they expect you to do more on your so called holiday. It could be revision for mean January exams or an essay or research project due the first week back. Basically dreams of guilt free lying on the sofa just aren’t realistic for a student anymore.

4. Job work. If you are broke you will probably need a job – not only is that boring, time-consuming in terms of interfering with the extra uni work and Christmas shopping you have to do, but it’s also stressful because realistically most students are in catering or retail mostly – and at Christmas those areas of work are busy busy busy, stressful, stressful stressful.

But not to end on a very Scroogey pre-Christmas note, despite everything I’ve said I still love it. Something about the stress adds to it rushing around and seeing all the lights and eating as much as you want. I still think the perks are worth it.



2 thoughts on “Why Students shouldn’t really love Christmas

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