So I’m sitting here onesie-d up on the sofa watching Come Dine With Me with some leftover Christmas chocolates and a cup of tea to my side, feeling heavenly. And for some reason this has left me feeling a bit concerned – things are too good. And that’s because they are: I’m at home, I’m on holiday with no looming exams and technically I have nothing to be doing. But that won’t last long, in a week I’ll be back at uni and the ball will be rolling all over again.

So I’m trying to think positive so that when I’m back in my little uni room making a list of the 10+ books I need to take out for my first essay back, I can remind myself that things really aren’t so bad. And yes I’m aware that this is already sounding a little ‘first-world-problems’. Some of these are specific to myself, but if you have any other ideas of what a first year student coming back to uni could possibly look forward to, let me know!

1. I have a mini holiday before my actual holiday – I’m heading to Berlin next weekend with the History Society (contrary to what you may think, they’re a fun bunch!) I’ll be blogging about that next week!

2. I have no exams – I am not an exam person, I’d rather do three pieces of coursework to avoid doing one exam; I just can’t handle exam stress and pressure. So even though I have to work on a big group presentation, an essay and some extra seminar reading before I go back I won’t be facing any exams.

3. I know what to expect – I think the reason I found first term such a rushed blur was because everything was new – people, the work, the area. Now I know what to expect and I know how much work I have to do to survive and this is good because I’m hoping to join a few new clubs when I get back.

4. I will have more energy – Okay I don’t know this for fact, this could and may well be wishful thinking. BUT I’m hoping that having had a month of lazing round on the sofa (as I am currently indulging in) will make me feel renewed and ready to get back into a nice organised routine of work. Fingers crossed.

5. Learn from my mistakes – okay this is a bit similar to point number 3, but specifically I mean in terms of financing and time managing. To make sure I stick to my weekly budget, for example, I’m going to take out the cash to the value of my maximum amount and keep it in my room so if I need anything I won’t use my card, I’ll use the cash – that way I won’t overspend and can see as my money goes down. Same with time managing – this time I’m going to make a list of all my deadlines and EXTENSIVELY (yes that probably sounds very intense; it is) plan when I will fit in the work for each assignment.

6. Student Loan – Helllllllo; this time I get more student loan (it’s just the way they distribute it I think) and I pay less accommodation fees (the biggest chunk was at the start of the term). Now don’t worry, I’m planning on being sensible, I’m not viewing this as cue: shopping spree. I’m hoping it will encourage my ability to start properly saving if I have some money already put aside.

7. Summer planning – now Christmas has been and gone I think it’s justifiable to start planning and thinking about Summer which is ALWAYS a good thing.



2 thoughts on “Looking forward to…

  1. I just wanted to take a couple of seconds and tell you that I enjoyed reading the blog post.
    I really don’t think that many people know just how much labour that goes into establishing a web page. I am sure that this will be kind of random however it bothers me sometimes. Anyhow excellent blog site.

    • Hi Wilda, I’m so so sorry that I never replied to this comment – either I didn’t get a notification or maybe I read it whilst I was out and completely forgot to reply.
      Either, way I’m very sorry but thank you so much for your kind words! And no, not random at all – I’m always surprised by how much time I spend on this blog, so it’s nice when someone can recognise the hard work you’ve put in!
      Is there anything else in particular you’d like me to blog about? I’d love to hear any suggestions you have!
      Thank you again.

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