So I realise that having the blanket of anonymity is always reassuring to a writer, but it isn’t flawless. It’s hard to understand, believe and accept what someone’s saying without being able to ‘place’ them – it’s a shame really because that’s just how society works, it wants to know as much as possible: female/male? Conservative/Labour? Pro-EU/Eurosceptic? Despite our attempts at being politically correct 24/7 (and honestly I would say that this form of forced restraint isn’t always desirable) generally people cannot help but want to know who someone is when understanding and listening to them.

It’s sad because whatever is said shouldn’t be affected or changed by the person saying it. I remember when the film Borat came out and the whole film is packed with stereotypical jokes about Jews which were really quite offensive, but lots of people brushed it aside because Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish himself. At the time I went along with it; if he’s Jewish and he’s making fun of Jews then I suppose its alright. Is it? If a woman who had been raped turned round and said actually rape should be allowed, it’s not that bad – does that make it legitimate? Should we agree? I don’t think so.

Anyway – this is getting far more political than planned. The fact of the matter is that people do care, if they’re interested in what you’ve got to say, they’re interested in you. For the time being I’m, not going to give myself a name and a face – those things really are unnecessary, but I can give you a teeny insight into what an average student may be interested in with a quick round of 20 questions – if you’ve got any more, comment and I’ll get back to you!

1. Jog or Gym? GYM – the thought of being outside, in the cold, possibly bumping into people I know whilst sweating: yeah, not happening.

2. Tea of Coffee? TEA – I would love to enjoy the caffeine perks of coffee, I just can’t handle the taste.

3. Glasses or contacts? CONTACTS – I use both, but contacts is like life being permanently in HD, amazing.

4. Facebook or twitter? FACEBOOK – Unfortunately, facebook is so easy to procrastinate on but generally I think twitters better.

5. Rice or pasta? PASTA – both student favourites, but I’ve always struggled with cooking rice so I have more pasta, that said I still LOVE rice.

6. City or beach? BEACH – Tough choice, but when I’m procrastinating during a painful essay it’s soft sand I’m dreaming of, not congested roads and buildings.

7. iPhone or blackberry? IPHONE all the way.

8. TV Series or films? FILMS – I love the cinema, sitting down to watch a whole film. TV Series require commitment and good time management; two things I struggle with.

9. Essays or exams? ESSAYS – As I’ve said before, I can’t handle the heat – I’d do two essays over one exam just to avoid the stress and pressure.

10. Batman or Spiderman? BATMAN – Hahaha can’t believe I’m asking myself this (desperately resorting to google for questions now as I’m suffering from major writer’s block) I can’t really say why, I’m not the biggest fan of either to be honest…

11. Catered or self-catered? CATERED – This is my current situation, so you could say I’m biased (although I have friends who would prefer to have self-catered): the food is ready & made, its sociable and I eat well. End of; plus I’ll be self-catered next year so not like I’m missing out.

12. Superdrug or Boots? SUPERDRUG – As a student it’s much cheaper & always has better deals.

13. Jeans or leggings? LEGGINGS – Work is so much less stressful when you’re in these babies.

14. Salt or Pepper? SALT – I’m pretty good at avoiding both, but I never have pepper on anything – so salt, you win.

15. McDonalds or Burger King? MCDONALDS – Another toughie, I love BK popcorn chicken, but growing up McD’s has always had the bigger impact. Reputation can overtake quality.

16. Clubbing or Pubbing? CLUBBING – Pub chats and pub lunches with the fam are always nice but if I’m in the mood to go out and I’m with a lot of friends, the best nights are always out clubbing. As a London gal I’ll be doing a blog on London nights out very soon; WATCH THIS SPACE.

17. Organised or last minute? ORGANISED – Gotta admit, uni is starting to change me. My last essay was completed at 2am – this is not me. I hate doing things last minute, even when I do – every time I would prefer to begin an assignment the day its set.

18. House or flat? HOUSE – I think when I’ve graduated in my twenties, a flat in London would be awesome but generally speaking & for the long run I prefer the space of a house.

19. Walk or public transport? PUBLIC TRANSPORT – I should walk, but I’m ridiculously lazy. In my school days we used to have free travel on buses: honestly, I would run to the bus stop to catch the bus one stop. Just because I could. I know, I should be ashamed.

20. Eating or drinking? EATING – To add to my already appealing lazy persona, I adore eating: Nandos, Wagamamas, Pizza Express ALWAYS over a nice glass of wine. I’m a classy girl, I know.



6 thoughts on “20 Questions

  1. I’m exactly the same with rice and pasta! I had an overflowingly bad experience when cooking rice for the first time, and my flat mates have banned me from trying again!

  2. I’ve been there too Samuel: burnt rice stuck to the bottom of the pan, rice that’s slightly too sloppy (I never know what you’re supposed to do with the excess water, probably because there isn’t meant to be any) and I’m constantly paranoid about cooking it correctly & serving when ‘piping hot’ to avoid the alleged parasites that rice can give you… Delightful.

    • That’s why I got a rice cooker – if you cook rice a lot it is definitely worth it, never boils over and no more burning the bottom of the pan and setting off a fire alarm!

      • Hey amedicstudent,

        Thanks for your comment! This may sound very stupid but I didn’t even know you could buy rice cookers? Are they just like a pan specifically for rice?!
        Great to know though – may make cooking rice less stressful!


      • Sort of – it’s like a deep pot that sits in an electric cooker. They are great because you put the rice and water into the pot and then click the switch to ‘cook’, once it’s done and all the water has been absorbed, the cooker automatically switches to ‘warm’ and keeps your rice for a up to a few hours until you want it. They are fab – you can just google it (I got a small one – they have different size pots, from Argos and it was like £10)

      • Amazing! Can’t believe I haven’t come across one of these sooner! I will definitely be investing in on asap. Any other good ideas or suggestions you have send them this way, greatly appreciated!

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