Hoping to do just a quick post here to differ from my usual article style posts.
Most people have probably heard that you should be careful with your Facebook because apparently most employers are able to access your page and one picture of you looking a bit merry and you’ve lost the job. So says this article here.
But today I woke up, having slept for only 4 hours due to my friends continuing the party back at home (the joys of being in halls), and went straight on twitter. Some of the party group had already made tweets: “too hungover for this snow” or “why does everything seem so loud?! #hanging” and as a student this didn’t phase me; my social media sites are often filled with complaints of having drunk too much.
But it got me thinking – is Facebook really so potentially dangerous for career aspirations? More to the point, is twitter not far more dangerous?
1) It is accessible to anyone – employers don’t even have to try and hack through your privacy to find an explicit status.
2) It’s short and snappy – 160 characters might lead you to become more blunt; for example a Facebook status might say: “had a great night last night with Alice, Lucy, Katie and Megan, so tired this morning though – think this might be a duvet day”. Whereas twitter is more punchy; you feel the need to deliver something more powerful because unlike Facebook which is cluttered with photos and news feeds – twitter is just the cold hard tweets. Something like this is more likely: “hanging like a cliff #neverdrinkingagain.
3) It’s easy to forget what you’ve said on twitter. I’ve tweeted over 250 times, but some people I know are even in their 1000s – they might forget that a year ago their 14th tweet said something career destroying, whereas a bad drunken Facebook photo is often more memorable and given their new timeline format, is much easier to find and dispose of quickly.

So to conclude – if you are applying for a job (especially if its something in the media where you want to seem social media savvy and openly offer up your twitter account to employers) be careful. Twitter has the potential to be far more dangerous.

On that note; if you want student related articles, offers and news follow my own student twitter account at: student_ram.



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