Yes, that’s right, another post about snow. As if your Facebook and twitter feeds weren’t already packed with pictures, statuses and tweets all obsessing over the snow; I still feel the need to get involved in this hype.
Mainly because I feel like I had a very studenty snow experience which I would like to share.
At school whenever it’s snowed school is often cancelled and plans are quickly made to flock to the nearest park/common to revel in the thick powdery joy. And I was surprised that a similar thing occurred at university. It was nice because I live in an area where there are 6 large university halls, each housing around 350-400 students. Generally speaking we don’t mix, and there are even prejudices/reputations that people have about the halls other to their own (the posh halls, the cheap halls, the rubbish-falling-apart halls etc) and in case you were falling, I live in the latter category.
Anyway, snow seems to have a unifying quality because all hall segregations were ignored and everyone joined in sledging and snow balling – I honestly felt about 12 (in a good way).
How was it studenty? Well for one everyone was just having a laugh; that’s a student quality isn’t it? To be able to sledge down a slope, go flying in the air and fall into a pile of snow, the whole time laughing. Or more explicitly, to be able to run stark naked through the snow to a crowded audience (that said, he did have a can of beer in his hand so perhaps that was the alcohol’s initiative).
And because students are poor, but creative. This is a genuine list of things that I saw being used as make-shift sledges: food/dinner trays, suitcases, ikea bags, to let signs, advertising signs, a blow up mattress, mini skis and my personal favourite, an ironing board. The latter really was genius – it was wide and long enough to sit on and the ironing board legs acted as a sort of steering wheel to manouevre it. But I had admiration for all of them – sledge or no sledge, you cannot stop a student having fun in the snow. Or their dedication – I saw a number of fully made igloos, how their hands didn’t fall off, I don’t know.
So anyway, for those sliding around on their way to work, moaning about the councils lack of effort to grit the road – remember a time when you’ve had fun in the snow, for a couple of days of disruption, I’d say its worth it. Although it does make sheep look particularly dirty. That’s all for now!



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