This week guest blogger Lauren Mahoney (www.food-project.net) has kindly offered us the perfect student recipe. Summer is the best opportunity to experiment and improve your cooking skills (especially because your parents will be around to help out!) before you go back to uni and have to fend for yourself. This recipe ticks all the boxes: it’s cheap, easy to make, veggie and looks pretty impressive when served up. So if you want to throw a dinner party or just show your family that you’re more skilled in the kitchen than they think, give these tasty glamorgan sausages a go.
Glamorgan Sausages

Glamorgan sausages are a perfect vegetarian option for when you have non-meat eating friends over. They are in fact, quicker to cook and healthier than pork sausages and allows you to adapt the recipe to your own tastes. For example, smoked cheese works really well in this recipe or you could keep the mature cheddar and add in some Dijon mustard.

150g (5oz) mature cheddar
200g (7oz) white breadcrumbs
3 spring onions, chopped
3 eggs, 1 seperated
salt and ground pepper1. Mix the cheese with about half the breadcrumb mixture, spring onions and season well.2. Add the 2 whole eggs and the remaining yolk, mix well to combine, then chill for 5 minutes.

3. Lightly beat the egg white and put the rest of the breadcrumbs onto a plate or bowl.

4. This bit gets messy, so use tablespoons to form the mixture into sausage shapes and then roll into the egg white and then breadcrumbs.

5. Once all this is done, pop them in a large hot frying pan for about 5 minutes or until golden.

For more awesome recipes, reviews, and anything food-related, check out Lauren’s tasty blog at http://www.food-project.net.

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