So, if like me you have found yourself on a gap year, all is definitely not lost – in fact, far from it. You can read my story here to make you feel better, because I can guarantee if you plan your gap year well, you will never want it to end. I’ve compiled a quick, fun list of the many things you can do and achieve on your gap year for some inspiration. Not getting the results you wanted could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you!

  1. Travel the world
  2. Learn a Language
  3. Try a new sport: skiing, watersports, sky diving, mountain biking, scuba diving
  4. Start a blog
  5. Get a job – make new friends
  6. Start a savings account before university: be prepared
  7. Attend an evening course for something you’ve always wanted to try
  8. Start a reading list of books you’ve always wanted to read
  9. Book tickets to visit your friends at uni across the UK
  10. Make a plan for the year: don’t waste a second of it
  11. Go interrailing
  12. Volunteer at home
  13. Volunteer abroad: wildlife conservation, teach English in a school…
  14. Get work experience for a career you’re interested in
  15. Get work experience abroad – at a newspaper in Beijing or a lawyers firm in South Africa
  16. Make a bucket list: start ticking things off
  17. See an old friend you hadn’t made time for
  18. Visit your family, make time for your grandparents
  19. Plan a holiday with friends
  20. Make a career plan: what can you do to start helping your future?
  21. Be organised: do a full spring clean, sell old clothes on eBay & buy new ones in
  22. Learn to cook
  23. Reassess your uni options: you can apply again and to different places you hadn’t considered
  24. Be keen: start doing some light reading for your uni course next year
  25. Make a scrapbook – add photos throughout the year from your gap year
  26. Keep a diary – make it a habit & continue at uni, you’ll be grateful for it in years to come
  27. Get a pen pal – send each other treats
  28. Relax more: take baths, have beauty sleep & rest
  29. Get fit
  30. Improve something you’re already good at
  31. Try something completely new: art classes, cooking, a musical instrument…
  32. Visit your chosen uni for next year again, see it in more detail
  33. Be cultured: explore your home town, see a play, visit a museum or art gallery

I hope this helps, I will try and add to it if I can think of anything else, but please leave a comment if you have a suggestion!


2 thoughts on “What to do on your Gap Year

  1. Great post and of course very timely! I highly recommend getting work experience (point 14!) It completely changed my outlook on university and I had so much fun in the process.

    Plus, just bear in mind you are young and have the whole of your life ahead of you. There is absolutely no harm in starting university at 19, or 20-24! It’s better to start university when you know where you are heading as opposed to blindly studying with no plan for the future.

    • Hi loughboroughstudent, I apologise for the late reply – I didn’t get a notification from your comment! Thanks so much for your reply though, and totally agree – there’s a lot of panic and rushing around involved in the uni process. I was forced into a gap year and was so scared at first but it turned out being the best situation for me!

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